Upcoming Dinosaur Exhibits And Events

You are about to go on an amazing adventure to find out about upcoming dinosaur exhibits and events! If you are in love with dinos as much as I think you are, then you are about to get super excited. In the following article, you will learn a lot about where you can see your favorite dinos, and interesting events that are coming up soon. So, get ready dinosaur explorer, the adventure awaits!

Upcoming Dinosaur Exhibits And Events

Exciting New Discoveries in Paleontology

Imagine being a detective who discovers new clues about what happened a very, very long time ago. You, as a paleontologist, get to study old bones and fossils to uncover the stories of dinosaurs. Isn’t that exciting?

Recent dinosaur discoveries

In the world of paleontology, there have been some very cool dinosaur discoveries recently. Scientists have found new types of dinosaurs with weird shapes and sizes. Did you know some dinosaurs were as small as your pet dog while others were bigger than your house?

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How new discoveries shape exhibits

When these new types of dinosaurs are discovered, people want to learn more about them. That’s why museums create exhibits. With each new discovery, exhibits change and grow. So when you visit, there’s always something new to see.

International Schedule of Dinosaur Events

Are you a dinosaur fan? You’ll be excited to know that there are dinosaur events happening all around the world!

North America

In North America, there are a lot of big museums that have special events just about dinosaurs. You can see real dinosaur bones and even meet scientists who study dinosaurs.


In Europe, they love dinosaurs too. There are events where you can see dinosaur eggs and footprints that are millions of years old!


In Asia, there are fascinating exhibits that show how dinosaurs lived and even how some dinosaurs looked like birds!


Australia has some of the biggest dinosaur fossils in the world. Their events let you see these giant creatures up close.

South America

South America is known for finding lots of strange and interesting dinosaurs. You can learn a lot about these creatures at their dinosaur events.

Largest Dinosaur Exhibits Around the World

Bigger is often better, especially when it comes to dinosaurs!

Museums with largest dinosaur fossils

Some of the biggest dinosaur exhibits are in museums. These museums have giant dinosaur fossils that will make you feel very tiny.

Special attractions at large exhibits

These large exhibits also have special attractions. Some of them have playgrounds where you can pretend to be a dinosaur. Others have interactive screens that let you learn all about the dinosaur you’re looking at.

Interactive Dinosaur Exhibits

Some dinosaur exhibits are even more fun because they’re interactive.

Exhibits offering hands-on activities

Interactive exhibits have hands-on activities. That means you can touch and play with things. You might get to dress up as a dinosaur, dig up fake dinosaur bones, or even make your own dinosaur out of clay.

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Features and benefits of interactive exhibits

Interactive exhibits are good because they help you learn while having fun. You’ll get to experience what it’s like to be a dinosaur or a paleontologist.

Upcoming Dinosaur Exhibits And Events

Traveling Dinosaur Exhibitions

Some dinosaur exhibits travel to different places, letting more people see them.

Major traveling exhibits

Major traveling exhibits are like big dinosaur shows that come to your city. They bring lots of dinosaur bones and information for you to learn about.

Experience at a traveling exhibit

At a traveling exhibit, you can see dinosaur bones, play fun dinosaur games, and maybe even meet a paleontologist. And the best part is that it’s probably coming to a place near you!

How to host a traveling exhibit

If you want a traveling exhibit to come to your city, your school or community can ask them. You would need a big room to show all the dinosaur stuff, and lots of people who want to come and learn.

Dinosaur Festivals and Events

If you really love dinosaurs, you can go to a dinosaur festival.

Annual dinosaur festivals

Some places have dinosaur festivals every year. At these festivals, there are lots of fun dinosaur activities and shows.

Activities at dinosaur festivals

At a dinosaur festival, you can see real dinosaur bones, play dinosaur games, and even eat dinosaur-shaped food. It’s like a giant dinosaur party!

How to plan a visit to a dinosaur festival

To visit a dinosaur festival, check when and where it’s happening. Then, decide what you really want to see and do there. Don’t forget to bring a hat and sunblock if it’s outside!

Educational Resources at Dinosaur Exhibits

At a dinosaur exhibit, there are many ways to learn more about these creatures.

Books and guides

Most exhibits have books and guides full of information about dinosaurs. You can read about different types of dinosaurs, their habitats, and what they ate.

Apps and digital resources

Some museums have apps and digital resources where you can learn more about dinosaurs. You might be able to take a virtual tour of a dinosaur exhibit, or play a game where you help a dinosaur find its food.

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Workshops and presentations at exhibits

Many exhibits host workshops and presentations. These are special sessions where you can learn more about dinosaurs, ask questions, and maybe even meet a real paleontologist.

Family-Friendly Dinosaur Exhibits

Some dinosaur exhibits are especially fun and interesting for families.

Exhibits especially for kids

Many exhibits have special sections just for kids. Those might have dinosaur toys, coloring pages, or even costumes for you to play with.

Features that make an exhibit family-friendly

A family-friendly exhibit has things for everyone to do, whether you’re a kid or an adult. They might have games for kids and detailed explanations for adults. Some even have places where families can relax and eat dinosaur-themed snacks.

Unique Dinosaur Exhibits

Unique dinosaur exhibits show things you can’t see elsewhere.

Exhibits featuring rare fossils

Some exhibits feature very rare dinosaur fossils. These might be dinosaurs that were recently discovered or very unique dinosaurs, like ones with feathers or giant tails.

Concept and design of unique exhibits

Unique exhibits are also designed to be very creative and interesting. You might find yourself walking through a life-sized dinosaur jungle or standing under a flying dinosaur!

Upcoming Developments in Dinosaur Exhibits

Dinosaur exhibits keep evolving as scientists learn more and technology gets better.

Future exhibit plans

Many museums and exhibits are planning to add new dinosaurs and features in the future. Imagine being able to walk next to a dinosaur, or see a dinosaur move and hear it roar!

New technologies in dinosaur exhibits

There are new technologies coming to dinosaur exhibits, like virtual reality and 3D printing. These technologies could let you experience what it’s like to be a dinosaur, or help scientists study dinosaurs in new ways.

So, as you can see, there’s a wide world of dinosaur exhibits and events out there waiting for you. Each one is a chance to learn, have fun, and discover the wonderful world of dinosaurs! Even though dinosaurs lived a very long time ago, they’re still ever-present today through these incredible exhibits.